Our Approach

The world of code and nocode needs a bridge. Noco is that bridge allowing designers and nocoders to work side by side with developers

Design. Pick your UI framework and design your web application.

Build. Drag and drop your way to a full stack application.

Export. NoCo generates high quality code and commits directly to GitHub.

Collaborate. Nocoders can build 80% of the app without code, then hand off the rest to a developer.


Development is slow

With every new project or feature comes new designs, which take time to turn into clean, functioning code.

Our tool lets a nocoder become a productive member of the dev team by allowing them to build new designs and new features and commit them to github, just like a developer.

We envision a world where more and more of the application can be built without code and only the unique parts of the application need to be built by hand.


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Ship Faster

Much of a modern SAAS application is commodity code. Our code generator lets developers focus on the unique parts of an application.

No Lock In

Our product exports code to your GitHub repo. No need to worry about getting stuck, or the platform not scaling as you grow.

Real Savings

Save dozens of developer hours per project by letting a nocoder build most of the app, then hand off the well coded project to a developer.

No-coders & developers can work together

See how powerful a bridge between them can be.

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API - Nodejs + express REST API

APP - NextJS + React + Material UI + Mobx front end

Other front-end UI frameworks coming soon!

We're mostly working with freelancers, dev shops, agencies, and startups.

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