Stop spending engineering hours on low value code.

Generate code for most of your app, and only write the parts that make your product unique.

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How It works

Generate the code for the commodity features in your application

  • Generate Code

    Generate a NodeJS backend that uses Express and MySQL. It has a REST API you can securely using api keys.

    The front end is ReactJS/NextJS with Mobx state management.

  • Fill In The Gaps

    Write NodeJS APIs and custom React components. Add NPM Modules as needed to your front end and back end.

  • Deploy

    We'll automatically build Docker Containers and deploy your app on kubernetes.


Benefits engineering teams love.

And a few engineering managers love too.

  • Cost Reduction

    Cut your time to market by an order of magnitude by generating commodity features like tables, forms, authentication and billing.

  • Code Quality

    The generated code follows best practices and is easy to read.

    It makes onboarding new developers fast since all projects have the same basic structure.

  • Lower Technical Debt

    The generated code is consistent, easier to maintain, and easier to update.

  • Focus on what matters

    Nobody likes writing low impact code. Let us generate it for you and let your developers work on the fun stuff!


To help you quickly build secure, reliable apps.

  • Data Modelling

    Simple SQL data modelling to generate a NodeJS REST API. We also auto-generate API documentation via swagger.

  • Drag and Drop UI

    Select from common web elements and drag and drop them to build your pages.

  • Re-usable components

    Whether you're iterating over a list or want the same footer across your app, you can build it once and re-use it many times.

  • Auto CI/CD

    When you deploy your project, we build a docker image and deploy it on kubernetes.

  • RBAC

    Robust and specific roble based access control.

  • Custom Code

    Write NodeJS APIs and React components with code if you need to.

  • Code Access

    Easily drop into the code whenever you need to.

  • Collaborative Editing

    Get your whole team on board and develop apps together in real time.

  • No Cloud Vendor Lock-In

    Our default deployment uses Google Cloud, but you can deploy wherever you'd like to. Even on-prem.

  • Easy Cloud Functions

    Write and deploy cloud functions easily

  • No Cloud Vendor Lock-In

    Our default deployment uses Google Cloud, but you can deploy wherever you'd like to. Even on-prem.

Use Cases

Here are a few tempmlates to get you started.


Build simple, interactive maps inclusing clustering and custom map pop ups.

Clone Template

Simple Social Features

Liking, upvoting, downvoting, and star ratings. Use this template to jumpstart a project with social features.

Clone Template

User Generated Content

Get started witha simple user-generated content site where users can post items to the site, and admins can review and approve them.

Clone Template

Workflow Automation

Use this template to automate a manual data entry workflow. It comes with robust RBAC features to only allow certain user types to perform certain actions

Clone Template

Simple Listings

Use this template to create curated lists for a specific topic. Users can search and filter through items.

Clone Template

Job Board

Build your very own job board where users can upload their resume and submit to jobs

Clone Template

Landing Page

A simple landing page with email capture and an admin panel to manage your subscribers

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We support over 2,500 integrations via Node Red.

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Can you generate code in other languages?

Currently we only generate NodeJS back-ends and ReactJS front-ends. Let us know what other languages you'd like to see!

We generate a NodeJS REST API that uses Express under the hood. We're able to connect to MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlite and MariaDB databases.

Yes. For your APIs, you can create custom routes with a custom controller that has access to the database to do whatever you need to.

On the front-end, you can write custom react components that have access to all the NPM modules pre-installed in your project.

For both the back-end and the front-end you can add any NPM module you'd like.

This is possible, please contact us at andrew at to find out how.

On our lowest tier, you get your own database in a shared MySQL instance so only your data is in your own database but the instance itself is shared. We have the ability to set you up with your own instance as well.

Each project gets its own S3 bucket. Data in your S3 bucket is not shared with any other project or application on the platform.

Can we run this on-prem?

Yes, we can run the entire application on your servers whether that's in your own AWS account or on your own bare metal servers.

Currently our professional services are limited to building features in the application (as opposed to building your app for you).

We have tiered support ranging from email to phone. Let us know what kind of support level you need.

We can provide a sample project for you to inspect and test (source code included!).

How much does it cost?

Please contact us at andrew at We have a variety of options for customers with unique needs.


For enterprise and agency pricing, please contact us

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Get Started for Free

Build and deploy your app in minutes.

Define your data models

Define your data models for your MySQL database.

Customize Your App

Use your data models to build your application front end.


Behind the scenes, we build docker containers and deploy your app on kubernetes.